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Armed with the Knowledge that Learning can be Fun

Hey, guys!
Thanks for checking out my site. It is currently under construction while I get things organized and hopefully start to see my vision become reality.

In the past few years that I have been working in education I have become discouraged with the demands placed on teachers that make it difficult to be creative in the classroom. Frustrated, overworked, and restricted teachers equal bored students; furthering the opinion that learning… well, it sucks!

My vision for this site is to demonstrate that knowledge and learning can be exciting. I want to encourage a lifetime of learning and curiosity. Using posts, graphics, videos, links, and anything I discover, I hope to prove that learning is enjoyable and even the “cool kids” read, use libraries, research and watch documentaries as inspiration for their awesome jobs and for fun!

And, it’s no coincidence that SMART has ART in it! I believe creative expression and imagination is an important part of developing a love of learning, using the wisdom you gain to enrich your life, and sharing your enthusiasm about your knowledge with others.

While the internet is an unending source of information, I also want to encourage everyone to get involved in their communities, learn from experience, and meet the people who have used their knowledge in exciting ways. We can learn a new amazing fact, view a wonderful photo, and be inspired by incredible people every day.

I want to empower teachers and help them find ways to incorporate creativity into their busy classroom schedules and I want to convince students to contribute to the lessons as well.

Our education is what we make of it and we all need to speak out when we see a need for change, not only teachers and students, but also, those of us who remember good and bad experiences in the current system. We need to share our stories and let people know when the moment came where we each realized that learning is something to be enjoyed.

A diverse and inspired education can be a wonderful and fulfilling piece of finding yourself. The opportunity should be available to everyone!

If you have any tips, advice, encouragement, or want to help out in any way please contact me at erin at guerrillasmart dot com.


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